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Pebbledash and Roughcast Cleaning

Pebbledash, a classic decorative exterior finish, is a popular choice for many homes in Northern Ireland. Its textured surface, while adding character to a property, can trap tiny dirt particles, facilitating the growth of bacteria. These culprits manifest as red, green, or black stains, particularly evident on walls exposed to harsh weather conditions. However, with Elephant Clean NI’s Softwash systems, restoring the pristine beauty of pebbledash walls has never been easier.

Pebbledash & Roughcast: The Northern Ireland Challenge: Damp weather, especially during winter, accelerates the ageing process of pebbledash and render. Over time, once vibrant facades can become marred with black and red oxide stains or unsightly moss and algae. While painting might seem like a quick fix, it’s a costly mistake. Instead, Elephant Clean NI offers a cleaning and roughcast repair service that rejuvenates your facade without the need for a repaint.

Why Softwashing is the Gold Standard for Pebbledash Cleaning?

The Benefits of Elephant Clean NI's Approach:


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