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Tarmac Cleaning & Sealing

While Elephant Clean NI is renowned for its roof cleaning services, we’re equally adept at addressing tarmac cleaning and sealing needs. Whether you’re a homeowner or a commercial entity, our team is equipped to rejuvenate and protect your tarmac surfaces.

Why Tarmac Maintenance is Crucial: Tarmac, though durable, is susceptible to moss growth and weed invasion. Over time, these elements can compromise its appearance and structural integrity. Therefore, homeowners across Northern Ireland frequently seek professional assistance to maintain their tarmac driveways and external areas.

Our Comprehensive Tarmac Revival Process:

The Final Touch: Post-cleaning, we advocate sealing the tarmac with our premium tarmac sealer. This sealer not only revives the tarmac’s lost colour and resin but also extends its lifespan. Moreover, it offers protection from oil spills and other deteriorative factors, ensuring the tarmac remains in prime condition for 4-5 years.

Beyond Tarmac:
Apart from tarmac, Elephant Clean NI specialises in cleaning and sealing imprinted concrete, natural stone driveways, and patios. Our satisfied clientele spans numerous towns across Northern Ireland, bearing testament to our unparalleled service quality.


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